This is an exciting time for you! The Zaro beta has launched and you can now sign up!

Zaro is more than just a piece of software, it's a philosophy that allows creators like you to create awesome work. By following and supporting Zaro you get to experience the evolution of tools to help you unlock your potential. You will be inspired, supported and have the tools to help you level up.

Go to to register your account. To gain extra awesome credits, we want you to tell us the following:

  1. Does it feel natural and delightful to use?
  2. What is stopping you moving to Zaro from another product?
  3. What are your creative projects and challenges?

Drop me an email at and I'd love to hear what you think.

Product Tour

Kanban Projects

Organize your tasks using kanban projects

You have a really simple Kanban board in each project that allows you to create tasks and organize them how you like. Just set up your columns how you want them and drag your tasks around.

Fluid task properties

We know that every piece of UI can add noise and take you out of a state of flow. That's why we've built a slick task properties sidebar meaning you can focus on what to achieve, not how to achieve it.

Zaro task sidebar


Make really quick edits to change the color, set status, priority, owners and due date with minimal effort.

Multi-select Zaro tasks


Organize projects into spaces so you can keep things neatly tucked away.

Zaro Spaces

Personal and Company Projects

Use Zaro for personal projects, or create a Company and invite your colleagues to collaborate with.

Company collaboration with Zaro

This Zaro beta is just the start. We're excited to hear what you want out of Zaro and ready to keep on pushing updates to make you excited.

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